Linux Viynl Cutter

Sharing a Viynl Cutter over the Network in Linux

This setup works for a cheap Chinese no name brand Cutting Plotter I use.

On the host PC add a new printer and set the printer model to “Raw Queue

Set the device URI to, for example, serial:/dev/ttyUSB0?baud=9600. This assumes the servial device is attached to USB port 0.

Make sure it is shared.

On the slave PC simply add the network printer


Inkscape Linux Viynl Cutter

Setting up Inkscape for use with a Vinyl Cutter using Inkcut

Step 1

Download and install the InkCut Extension from the InkCut sourceforge page.

Step 2

Install the following linux libraries :

		sudo apt-get install python-gtk2-dev
		sudo apt-get install python-cups
		sudo apt-get install python-serial

Using InkCut to perform the cut

Step 1

Select the objects you wish to cut

Step 2

Ungroup the selected objects

Step 3

Go “Path->Object to Path”

Step 4

Go “Path->Union”

Step 5

Extensions->Cutter/Plotter->Inkcut v1.0