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Just a few brief notes on the basics. It is assumed you are familier with Linux, PHP, WordPress, etc, and just want some additional information.


Using the WordPress REST API with JWT authentication Step 1. Install this plugin => The free version will suffice. This goes on the site you will be xtracting data from. The REST API must be enabled in the WordPress settings. Step 2. Configure the plugin and on it’s Settings tab add the Secret as…

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WordPress Security

This applies to self-managed Apache2 servers. Shared servers require different permissions, for example wp-config : set that file’s permissions to 440 or 400. Site Lockdown File permissions to lock down website, from the websites home folder. Do this from the root directory for example and you will break your server. chown root:root -R * find…

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SSL Localhost

To enable ssl on a localhost website, and stop Chrome from showing is as “unsafe” …. Pertains to Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic, and running Apache 2.4.29 Create localhost.cnf HOME = . RANDFILE = $ENV::HOME/.rnd oid_section = new_oids [ new_oids ] tsa_policy1 = tsa_policy2 = tsa_policy3 = [ ca ] default_ca = CA_default #…

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WordPress Basic Plugin

Below is a very simple working example of a plugin. Create a directory in your plugins directory, create a php file and copy the below into it. Then from the wordpress plugins menu simply activate it. Just know that this plugin does absolutely nothing other than to show the basic setup, including public and protected…

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Ubuntu Must Have Apps

As Open Office is part of the standard Ubuntu install, like other software installed as default, I have not listed it. There are a number of must have applications needed to get the most out of Uubuntu 18.04, but first thing to do is change the deskop. Ubuntu’s standard is way too slow and reminds…

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Linux miscellaneous

Pertains mostly to Ubuntu 18.04.4 and Apache 2.4.29 Get Ubuntu version lsb_release -a Get Apache version apache2 -v Get MySql version mysql –version Find Files and hide all permission denied messages find /start_directory -name filename 2>/dev/null Copy file with ssh from server to localhost scp user@server:/directory_from/filename.txt /local_directory/ Copy file from localhost to server with ssh…

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Exporting/Importing Woocommerce Orders with SQL 2020

Covers WordPress version 5.3.2 No matter how you use the SQL, be it on the command line, PhpMyAdmin or PHP, These are just the SQL commands needed. There are 4 tables invlovled not counting the variable product data. I’ll be adding that as soon as a get a free moment. wp_postswp_postmetawp_woocommerce_order_itemswp_woocommerce_order_itemmeta wp_posts are where the…

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